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The Coronavirus and Local Social Unrest Have Dampened the Local Housing Market

15 April 2020The Signs of Market OptimismSeems like the drumbeat of bad news will never end with the coronavirus taking centerstage in everyone’s lives here in Hong Kong and around the world. This, coming on the heels of last year’s widespread social unrest throughout the Territory, is sure to completely decimate the local real estate market in 20
By: Joshua Han Miller

Despite the Current Coronavirus Crisis, Real Estate Experts Don’t Foresee Prices Falling to SARS Levels

12 March 2020 - Amidst the black-swan emergence of the coronavirus, rather than simply state my own views about the potential impact on property prices, I want to also summarize what various real estate experts across different parts of the industry are saying.  Here’s a range of recent comments from real estate professionals, followed by my own v
By: Joshua Han Miller

The New Vacancy Tax: Implications for Hong Kong’s Real Estate Investors

Government taking active measures to cool off the housing market8 January 2020 - It has been widely reasoned that the demonstrations over the past six months in Hong Kong have been driven, in part, by frustrations of young locals locked out of the residential property market due to price that have risen to incredible levels over the years. The gov
By: Joshua Han Miller

The Light Behind the Gloom in Hong Kong - Positive Trends in Financials and Property

12 December 2019 - Over the past six months while Hong Kong was mired in often violent protests, one of the key topics of discussion in the community was how all this chaos would ultimately play out in terms of its negative effects on the Territory’s financial and real estate markets. When asked, most people tended to shoot from the hip and think
By: Joshua Han Miller

Reflecting on Hong Kong’s Residential Market and Looking Ahead to 2020

14 November 2019 - As the end of 2019 approaches, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the levels of unrest. This has undoubtedly created more uncertainty for property owners, investors and tenants.  Let’s review the events of the year as they relate to real estate to provide some context and advice for buyers and tenants that may be helpful for any upco
By: Joshua Han Miller

Hong Kong Property: Don’t Assume Turbulence Will Lead to a Crash

30 October 2019 - Continued mass protests across Hong Kong, coupled with worries for global economic slowdown have taken a serious toll on the confidence in Hong Kong’s property market in recent months. Scores of articles have been written in the press describing poor sales launches and headline transactions at steep discounts to asking prices. In
By: Joshua Han Miller

Hong Kong Policy Address 2019 and its Impact on Home Buyers

30 October 2019 - On 16 Oct 2019, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mrs Carrie Lam, made her third annual policy address since assuming office in 2017. The Chief Executive’s 2019 Policy Address covered four key topics including a) Housing; b) Land Supply; c) Improving People’s Livelihood; and d) Economic Development. Two of these have an immediate and
By: Joshua Han Miller

Does the Fed's Recent Interest Rate Cut Affect Hong Kong’s Property Market?

By Joshua Han Miller 26 August 2019 - On July 31, the US Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade, citing muted inflation, concerns about the global growth and trade uncertainty. Given we have already been in a (very) low interest rate environment for a decade (since the 2008 GFC), will this rate cut affect the H
By: Joshua Han Miller CEO Joshua Miller Featured on Mid-levels Magazine

8 August 2019 - In an interview with Mid-levels Magazine, CEO Joshua Miller shared his thoughts on rental trend in Hong Kong. here are some of the highlights: Rents in Hong Kong have continued to inch upwards this year, fueled by broadly positive sentiment in the overall markets (including the financial markets).  We did see a brief abat
By: Joshua Han Miller

Should People in Hong Kong be Investing in Property Amidst the Protests?

2 August 2019 - The question of timing in terms of investing in real estate is always worth asking, though the answer is often elusive. This is especially true in times of uncertainty – like the one Hong Kong is facing now. The recent turmoil in Hong Kong – first sparked by political concerns and now developing into broader disruption – is difficu
By: Joshua Han Miller
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