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7 Tips to Consider if You Plan to Sell Your Home in Hong Kong

5 October 2020 - Events over the past year or so have contributed to significant economic turmoil in Hong Kong and by extension seriously upset the once predictably expensive local home property market. As a result, increasing numbers of homeowners in the Territory are now opting to sell their homes and reap whatever profits they can. With this in

Despite the Current Coronavirus Crisis, Real Estate Experts Don’t Foresee Prices Falling to SARS Levels

12 March 2020 - Amidst the black-swan emergence of the coronavirus, rather than simply state my own views about the potential impact on property prices, I want to also summarize what various real estate experts across different parts of the industry are saying.  Here’s a range of recent comments from real estate professionals, followed by my own v
By: Joshua Han Miller

Great Decorating Ideas Using Candles Throughout Your Home

20 December 2019 - Who doesn’t respond positively when entering a room with tastefully arranged candles that add a warm, special glowing ambience?  When setting up candle displays in your home, you can create a wide range of wonderful moods, so that you and your guests feel truly relaxed and at peace. All it takes are some simple, creative accesso

毛孩愛回家: 搵樓篇

2018年9月14日 - 一般人買樓除左價錢外,主要睇間隔係咪寬敞實用,附近環境如何又或者區內配套如何去決定買定唔買,不過對於有毛孩嘅家庭就唔止咁簡單,尤其是狗狗,由於狗隻天性都會吠叫或有機會於屋苑範圍便溺,或多或少會對其他住戶做成不便,所以並非所有屋苑都可以飼養寵物,究竟狗狗主人於搵樓時有咩要留意?    最準確無誤的方法可以查看大廈公契。公契大致可分為三類,其一是清晰列明不准養狗,另有部份大廈公契列明容許飼養狗隻,但須以不影響其他住戶為大前提;最後一類是物業公契並無提及可否飼養寵物的條文,管理公司一般會以容許飼養寵物的方式處理,不過一旦接獲一定數量的投訴,就有權阻止住戶繼續飼養寵物。新落成屋苑可養寵物的比例亦較高,更有個別屋苑設有寵物會所。另外買家亦可向���業管理公司查詢,或參考我們的

Hong Kong’s New Vacancy Tax – Overview and Interpretation

6 July 2018 - CEO Joshua Miller discusses what the new vacancy tax could mean for developers and consumers. The Vacancy Tax - Structure On June 30th, the government announced its new policy imposing a vacancy tax on developers regarding unsold first-hand private residential flats, constituting a tax amounting to 2 years’ of rental value
By: Joshua Han Miller

What a Vacancy Tax Could Mean for the Hong Kong Property Market

8 June 2018 - The government will soon conclude its study on the feasibility of imposing a vacancy tax on developers who hoard unsold first-hand private residential flats, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po told legislators in early June 2018. As at December 2017, developers have withheld 9,370 of such flats. Officials believe that a tax on vacan
By: Joshua Han Miller

Mount Nicholson House Becomes 2nd Most Expensive Home in Asia

Selling at HK$56,843 per square foot, Dynasty Court on Old Peak Road has also set a record.19 March 2018 - Fetching HK$151,785 per square foot in a tender offer, a house at No. 2 Mount Nicholson has made Hong Kong property market headlines for becoming the second most expensive home in Asia on a square foot basis. The 9,217 sq.ft Hong Kong propert

New Hong Kong Property Developments to Look Forward to in 2018

5 January 2018 - According to JLL’s December 2017 Property Market Monitor, home sales have risen by 7.7 per cent in November month-over-month. Residential capital values also increased by 1.2 per cent in November, boosted by a 14.1 per cent month-over-month uplift in second-hand property sales. The price surge occurred despite the rate hike cycl

Pros and Cons of Buying Property with Joint Funds

With no sign of a cooling property market, many people in Hong Kong are resorting to purchasing property with joint funds—the purchase of a property by two or more parties, such as friends, families or relatives, who share the loan and ownership. But is buying properties with joint funds really the answer to home ownership? We look at the potenti

How to Find the Perfect Tenant to Rent Your Hong Kong Apartment

You’ve scoured the property market and invested in the perfect Hong Kong apartment to rent out—now you’ll just have to find the perfect tenant who will pay rent on time, remain reasonable and cooperative, and, hopefully, rent your property for as long as your property is on the rental housing market. While social media and forums are among the fi
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