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Should I Buy and Hold Real Estate through a Company in HK?

8 December 2017 - Property investors often use companies to hold real estate because personal property ownership could get expensive: when treating property as an investment, a small percentage difference in taxes between company and personal ownership can translate into a difference of millions of dollars. Using holding companies to transfer th


一、前期預備:制訂財務規劃 對大部分準買家而言,置業可能是人生其中一筆最昂貴的投資,因此必須及早作出周詳的財務規劃。首期是「上車」的入場費,若以450萬的上車盤來計算,兩成首期便已須支付90萬,加上印花稅、代理佣金等,所需資金已突破百萬。若單靠個人收入欲儲百萬本金,除非是醫生、律師等高收入專業人士,否則對初出茅廬的年輕首置客而言,絕對是一個難以跨越的門檻。 今天的社會狀況與父母輩時代早已不同:收入增幅遠追不上通脹,而且儲蓄利率低至近乎零。單靠節衣縮食、少去幾次日本、少喝幾杯咖啡絕對不足夠。要實現置業買樓目標,必須學會利用投資增長收入,要養成以優質資產為財富增值的思維和目光,才可以達成首期的儲蓄目標。市面上的投資產品五花八門,除了基本的股票、債券等,各種複雜的投資產品日新月異,亦各有不同的

Buy — or Sell First? Trading Up in Hong Kong’s Property Market

You’ve set your sights on a three-bedroom apartment on the Southside—perfect for your growing family. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make the purchase without selling your current flat. But with the new baby on the way and your daughter about to start school, selling first could mean your family would have nowhere decent to stay during

Is Hong Kong Real Estate Facing Another 1997 Crash?

With the historic 1997 handover upon us, I have been asked by members of the media and our clients if we’re facing a real estate bubble similar to the burst 20 years ago.  Let’s examine the facts. There are certainly some similarities to the environment seen in 1997:The Hong Kong property market has seen steep price appreciation in the last sever
By: Joshua Han Miller

Second-Hand Property Viewing Guide

Given the introduction of the stamp duty in November and low LTV ratios offered by banks, the hurdles associated with obtaining adequate financing have led to a slump in demand for second-hand properties in Hong Kong.  Cooling measures notwithstanding, with the secondary market constituting the lion’s share of housing units in Hong Kong, it is in

Bank Mortgage vs Property Developers' Mortgage

10 March 2017 - Mortgages offered by developers hit headlines in June 2016 when Sun Hung Kai Properties offered Hong Kong homebuyers a mortgage of up to 120% provided that borrowers pledged their existing property as security.  This prompted a public statement from Arthur Yuen - the Deputy Chief Executive responsible for banking in the Hong Kong

Tips on Finding the Right Tenant

Before embarking on your search for the ideal tenant, it is important to note your duties as a landlord under common law, namely that you (i) pay property tax and any other fees agreed upon in the tenancy agreement, (ii) ensure that the property is in a good condition and (iii) not affect your tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the property by resp

Primary Sale or Second Hand Property - Which is the Right Option for You?

3 January 2017 - As per the Land Registry of the Hong Kong government, primary sales are defined as sales from developers and secondary sales refer to sales from parties other than developers. Looking at the Land Registry data below, apart from sales which were concluded under the Home Ownership Scheme, the Private Sector Participation Scheme and

State of the Hong Kong Property Market

Overview  As of month end October 2016, the residential volume of property transactions in Hong Kong decreased by 15.7% whereas the corresponding residential value decreased by 2.6% compared to the previous month.  This bucked the accelerating upward trend of recent months with m-o-m growth in home prices reaching a peak of 2.7% in September, and

What to Prepare before Buying a Home in Hong Kong

Buying a home in Hong Kong as with buying property anywhere requires extensive forethought and research. From personal contextual requirements to vendor issues and legal regulations, the following advice aims to map out the key points of consideration for the first time home buyer in Hong Kong.  Personal Requirements These form the base criteria
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