How to Minimize Stress When Moving to Hong Kong

發佈日期: Aug 7 2017最後更新日期: Aug 7 2017
Summer has arrived and with it the peak season for home searching in Hong Kong. It is at this time of the year where Hong Kong property agents tend to be at their busiest. 
The impending commencement of a new school year usually corresponds with families being transferred to other countries, with people leaving and moving to Hong Kong. Bearing this in mind I thought it would be helpful to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from impending newcomers to HK: What is the key to a stress-free home search?
The truth is that the right real estate agent can make all the difference. One trusted agent is usually sufficient (though he or she might not always be easy to find!).
Finding the Right Agent
The easiest way to find a good agent is to do your own research on various platforms and property agent websites or by simply asking your new employer or colleagues for personal referrals. Some sites may also include ratings or testimonials from previous clients to help aid your decision.
Single Agent vs. Multiple Agents
In this fast-paced city, most properties are listed simultaneously with multiple agencies because landlords try to maximize exposure and endeavor to reduce potential vacancy periods. Therefore, if you are using several agents at the same time, you will certainly be shown properties which you have already seen or which you have discarded for various reasons. To ease stress and ensure efficiency, it is often worth gaining confidence in a single agent and relying on him or her to work with other agents and present you with a comprehensive offering.
Outlining All Requirements at the Start
An experienced real estate agent will take note of your specifications and preferences before your initial viewing and will create a targeted viewing schedule based on the gathered facts. Some points to be taken into consideration are commute time to the office and school, the mix and infrastructure of the respective neighborhood, access to shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment venues and public transport. You may also consider asking about facilities in the building, whether the compound is gated and if the four legged members or your family are welcome. Everything that is important to you and contributes to a comfortable transfer of your previous living standard to Hong Kong, is important for an agent to know.  
Selecting Your Desired Lifestyle
An agent who diligently qualifies your requirements and listens to your dreams and wishes, will put efficient viewings together so that no time is wasted in showing you unsuitable properties. Hong Kong has so many different neighborhoods and lifestyles to offer: do you want to be in a more tranquil, green, children friendly environment, do you want to be close to the beaches, close to the airport or within easy access of transport to the airport because your job requires you to travel regularly or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of big city life with everything at your fingertips? 
House hunting in Hong Kong can be quite overwhelming at the beginning and it is great if you can rely on the experience and local knowledge of a dedicated agent. After all, assisting you with a smooth start into your new life in Hong Kong is our mission!


看準中國商機 居港法國人大增

2014年12月11日 - 根據法國駐港澳總領事館的估計,現時居於香港的法國籍人士共17,000人,入境署更顯示法國人在過去五年的入境紀錄上升超過五成,高於其他歐洲國家的增長。相信香港與中國緊密的商機,以及本港成熟的法國社群,是吸引法國人來港的重要因素。 法國駐港澳總領事館公關經理Pauline Dykmans在回應OKAY.COM的查詢時表示:「居港法國人的增長與香港的經濟發展以至蓬勃的亞洲市場一脈相連。香港作為貿易及金融中心,能方便地連接亞洲市場。」 本港的法籍社群近年亦趨向年輕化。隨著跨


2016年4月22日 - 我是在香港長大的外籍人士,一年前與家人回流香港,現時住在愉景灣。起初當我尋找新居時,很猶豫是否要搬到愉景灣居住;我發現自己跟許多在香港成長的人一樣,對這個社區有著不少誤解。 可是在愉景灣生活了一年後,我可以高興地告訴你,搬到愉景灣是一個非常正確的決定。 1. 交通對長年居住在歐洲和美國的人來說,沒有汽車代步是一件難以想像的事。可是,愉景灣的方便絕對能讓你改觀。這裡的交通網絡非常完善,且緊密地連接著香港各區;除了剛搬家時迫不得已要到宜家家居走一趟,其餘時間不用離開愉景灣
作者: Torbjörn Dimblad


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