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CNN ranks HK Mid-Levels Escalator as one of the world's 7 coolest commutes

4 March 2015 - A renowned attraction and vital transport for tens of thousands of residents, the Central-Mid-Levels escalator was recently featured on the CNN website as one of the coolest commutes in the world.Connecting the bustling business area in Central up to the peaceful neighborhood on Conduit Road, this one-way transport system brings peo

Construction application of private vehicle access road to '17 Bowen Road' is rejected

13 September 2014 -  Following objections from different parties including the Transport Department, the Town Planning Board has rejected the application for the construction of a private vehicle access road to “17 Bowen Road” in Mid Levels. 'Alliance For a Beautiful Hong Kong' objected the proposal and collected over 3,000 signatures against the

Hong Kong luxury rentals decline, mass market rentals shine

10 May 2014 - In line with the state of the global economy, it’s no secret that employee benefits for expatriates moving to or living in Hong Kong have been reduced in recent years. In Hong Kong, mid and top-level expats at multinational corporations have been some of the most affected and have seen their housing budgets cut. This has forced them
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