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Public Holidays & Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a multicultural city that celebrates both Eastern and Western holidays. Regardless of religious beliefs, the entire community observes the major Chinese festivals and other holidays held throughout the year, with fantastic celebrations in town in addition to the option to head out-of-town for a long weekend.    Chinese FestivalsAs a C

Postal Services & Communications in Hong Kong

Postal Service:  The Hong Kong Postal Service is excellent and offers affordable postal rates, quick delivery times, and efficient and polite bilingual counter staff.  It also is an inexpensive and ready source of supply for envelopes, postal boxes and tubes of all sizes.  Operating hours are Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.  The main  GPO

An Overview of Special Stamp Duty, Buyer's Stamp Duty and Ad Valorem Stamp Duty -

• Introduction          • Government Objectives         • Perception          • Summary          • Rates1. IntroductionThe Government of the Hong Kong SAR has recently introduced a number of amendments to the stamp duty regime in Hong Kong with the intention of cooling an over-heated property market.  Implementing legislation for Special Stamp Dut
By: Hilary Cordell

A Guide to Hong Kong's Real Estate System and Property Tax

1. Land Holdings and Registration Systems1.1 Land holdingsAll land in Hong Kong is owned by the People’s Republic of China as State property and is managed by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Government) under the Basic Law of Hong Kong.Land identified as suitable for private development is sold by the Government thro
By: Hilary Cordell

Obtaining A Driving License in Hong Kong

Visitors – defined as someone who does not plan to reside for more than twelve months – can drive on the strength of an overseas license or international permit.  Otherwise you must apply for a Hong Kong Driving License.  This is valid for ten years and issued to those aged eighteen and above. (Over 60s are issued with less than ten years’ validit

Immigration & Customs in Hong Kong

Immigration:  An employment visa is required for those without the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong.   Dependents (defined as the spouse and children under 18) may apply for a residence visa based on the acceptance of the employment visa holder.  A dependent visa grants the right of abode (and study to those under 18) based on the
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