What Our Clients Say...
What Our Clients Say...
Mrs Heike Pfordte made the difference during our home hunting; she simply understood “right away” our needs; most of the real estate agents we found in Hong Kong are mainly focused on on the budget proposed by the client; Mrs Heike understood first of all that we were looking for a new home, not only a place to rent at a certain budget. I have been in Hong Kong for over 12 years and I have rent out many places and get in touch with far too many real estate agents/consultants, but this was the real first time that our criteria were 100% understood at the very first time. Both my husband and I were very impressed by the job done for us by Mrs Heike and our full gratitude goes to her for helping in finding this very nice home for us. She is extremely resourceful, talented and target oriented to the client needs. We absolutely recommend her to other home hunters in Hong Kong.
Associate Director
4.9 / 5.0
Heike Pfordte
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