About OKAY.com


Real estate brokerage in Asia is a multi-billion dollar industry with significant inefficiencies and a lack of transparency that impedes thousands of property agents and the millions of consumers they serve.

OKAY.com is a new platform for the industry, resulting from the combined strength of an innovative group of experienced technology entrepreneurs and an established corporate real estate firm, Asia Pacific Properties. Our unique business model addresses the problems faced by consumers and agents in Hong Kong, China and across Asia.

Having built highly-scalable proprietary enterprise software, TITAN, we change the way a large real estate agency runs, how information is gathered, analyzed and shared, and ultimately the quality of the consumer experience. Combined, these give us tremendous competitive advantages.

We are growing rapidly in terms of our agent population, client base, revenues and market share. And this has been amidst a market environment that has been extremely challenging for our competitors. Having successfully launched in Hong Kong, we plan to continue to expand and enter the China market in 2015, and then into other markets across Asia – all of which have similar industry architecture and face similar problems.

We have completed initial funding rounds with highly credible investors with expertise in technology, real estate, growth ventures, finance and digital media, and welcome inquiries from investors who are interested in learning more.

For investor enquiries, please send a confidential message to us below:

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