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Brendan Blumer is an American tech entrepreneur based in Asia, founder and board member of  Brendan started his first venture at the age of 15 in the video game industry selling virtual assets inside MMORPG’s. His first venture, GaMeCLiFF, was purchased by Internet Gaming Entertainment (now IMI Exchange) and in 2005 IGE relocated him to Hong Kong upon finishing secondary education.  At IGE, Brendan grew the account sales division to a highly profitable, 5m USD per annum business.  After two years at IGE, Brendan started a new venture called which became the world's largest game-account selling website with nearly 1m USD in monthly revenue in its first 3 months of operations. 
In 2008, Brendan founded in Hong Kong to build real estate enterprise software for use by real estate agents. The in-house software platform combines a proprietary CRM and Property Database to support an entirely mobile virtual office for real estate agents in Asia. combined forces in 2011 with the real estate division of Asia Pacific Properties, an established leader in residential brokerage with over 25 years in Hong Kong.  As of 2014, is well-known as the most technologically advanced agency in the space and is one of the fastest growing brokerages in the Hong Kong market.
Brendan founded ii5 (a technology development platform) in 2013, deploying his vision of attracting tech talent from Silicon Valley and elsewhere to provide a unique approach to creating competitive technologies for companies in Asia.  In January 2014, a state-of-the-art 6000 sq ft development center was opened in Mumbai.  ii5's head office was subsequently opened in Hong Kong in May to provide onsite product development & management services. ii5 also engages in capital investment in both new and existing companies in Hong Kong, and aims to be Hong Kong’s access to Silicon valley talent, investment opportunities and know-how.