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More Property Listings and a Dedication to Accuracy

We pride ourselves on the size and accuracy of the thousands of property listings in our database. We can’t call every landlord every day, but we maintain 90-95%+ accuracy in the properties listed as available for lease or sale on our website. Properties not recently updated are removed from our website unless they are confirmed as still available. A large customer service team paired with significant agent bonuses for finding new properties ensure our clients and agents have the latest properties across Hong Kong.

Dedication to accuracy = A better selection of the latest properties.

More Information = Time Saved

Don’t want to waste time viewing properties that aren’t what you’re looking for? Tired of emails with dozens of individual photos and attachments to sift through?

Before you use your valuable time to view properties, we send you a simple link to target properties meeting your needs – with detailed property information, comments from your agent about why the property may suit you, and photos of the units – all in one place.

You decide which homes to see, so you focus your valuable time on what YOU want, not what an agent wants to sell you on.

All of your shortlisted properties in one place.

Empowered with the Best Technology

In the fast-paced market of Hong Kong, information and speed give you a huge advantage. OKAY.com agents are equipped with mobile, real-time access to our property databases, wherever they are. This means your OKAY.com agent gets new listings and updates faster than other agents, so that you see properties first and don’t “miss out” on that perfect home.

Finding your ideal home just became faster, easier and more efficient.

Aligned Incentives = Integrity in Action

Integrity is not just a word for us, it’s a business philosophy.

In general, agencies are structured so that agents must share their commissions with colleagues depending on whose listing it is. This may lead to misaligned incentives with the client (you) who wants to see everything available in the market.

At OKAY.com, our structure gives each agent the same financial benefit regardless of which other OKAY.com agent originally discovered the listing. Your agent's interests are completely aligned with yours – to find you the best property, regardless of whose listing it is.

Don't you want a property agent you can trust working for you?

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Sellers and Landlords

OKAY.com offers landlords a unique platform that gives your property maximum visibility in the market.

Your property is broadly marketed across our website and proactively sent to thousands of other agents in the market to ensure maximum exposure.

We also list your property on every major portal in Hong Kong within 24 hours, and use magazine advertisements, printed flyers, e-flyers, editorials, affiliated websites and postcards as additional avenues.

Purchasers and tenants look for properties in multiple ways and we use multiple channels to reach them.

We also work with a wide range of multinationals in finding properties for their executives. Having a corporate lease gives you better assurance of having a strong tenant, and helps protect your investment.

Finally, our exclusive partnership with Luxury Portfolio InternationalTM, together with media partnerships with groups such as The Wall Street Journal give our luxury property clients global exposure for their properties.

We know how to market your property.

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